Feel free to download the raw Neumann KM84 and Soundelux U195 guitar tracks…


…as well as the final mix of the two (stereo panning with a bit of EQ, additional compression and reverb on the two tracks).




Below download Soundelux U195 bass drum recording samples


Kick18N (Kick drum, U195 18” off the front head, centered, no EQ or processing whatsoever)
Kick18F (Kick drum, U195 18” off the front head, centered, “Fat” switch engaged, no EQ or processing whatsoever)



Some notes from Michael:
-The acoustic guitar tracks were recorded through a Buzz Audio MA2.2 preamp with the Sowter output transformers bypassed. Because of the nature of the music we were recording, they then went through a pair of Distressors set at 4:1 with a maximum of 1 to 3 dB of gain reduction. So the Distressors are in the chain on the "raw" tracks. They smooth things out and punch them up, but don't change the tonality too drastically. The tracks then went straight into the recorder. The KM84 is unmodified, about 30 years old. The U195 is a few years old, and a pretty great one sonically.
The mics were arranged as I would do a stereo recording, so the individual tracks don't have the mic position I would use if I were doing a mono recording. The KM84 was pointed about an inch forward of the bridge, and about 18-20 inches away. The U195 was pointed off-axis at the 12th fret toward the headstock, again about 15 inches away.

-The kick drum tracks were recorded with the U195 about 18" away from the front of the kick drum (a DW maple 18x22 with a full front head), on center, pointing at the center of the head. The tracks were recorded through a Vintech 473 preamp with no processing or EQ whatsoever. One track is in the "normal" mode, the other was recorded with the "Fat" switch engaged.



Here’s Michael’s Female Jazz Vocalist Microphone Shootout so far presented as a blind test.


The four mics involved are for you to know though:

- Royer  R 122


- Soundelux U99

- Audio Technica 4050







Finished track (The path is U99-Avalon-DAW. The piano is the Synthogy Ivory Steinway played by a MIDI track from the original session.)


Important comments from Michael: This wasn't ever intended to be a scientific test. I was merely attempting to pick a mic for this singer, and I recorded it. PLEASE don't go buy a mic sight unseen based on what you hear here. The vocalist wasn't going for takes when I did this, so she gets off the mic a bit and is pitchy. This is NOT about the song, the vocalist, the performance, the fact that you don't like mp3's, or any of that. All of that misses the point of me doing this,which is to demonstrate the general character and characteristics of four microphones.






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