Drum OH Microphone Comparison

AKG C480B/ULS + ck61

Audiotechnica 4047

AKG C4000B (card.)



Test description

Instruments involved:

·  drums




The microphones were positioned side-by-side as close as they could get without touching one another. No pads on mics used, recorded through my self-made linear mic preamp with no controls apart from gain. The 48kHz/16bit wavs were adjusted for identical average RMS levels (-35dB) and converted to mp3s in frightening bitrate of 128kbps (but remember the files are mono!) in case there’s a bat once visiting this site looking for info on OH mics.


The files may be inserted in any MT software easily as they are aligned with one another.


There was a tunnel in front of the bass drum which perhaps makes it even less audible but what the hey.


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·  C480B/ULS + ck61

·  4047

·  C4000Bc

·  C535EB.mp3