Audiotechnica 4047 x AKG C4000B (card.)

microphone comparison no2


Test description

Instruments involved:

·  electric guitars (solidbody, DiMarzio and EMG pickups, through Marshall JCM 2000 TSL601)

·  drums (programmed, kinda lousy)


Picking up guitars:

The two mics were positioned side by side about 5 inches off the combo front cloth. Hi-pass filters on both mics were off. I am well aware of the trouble with mic positioning in this case. I simply aimed both mics against the cloth and tried to position them off the speaker axis, both in the same manner-axisimmetrically (not that I insist this is the most valuable way of comparing mics) I hope this picture helps.



The rest of the setup was quite the same as in my previous test.


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·  1.mp3 - one of the mics

·  2.mp3 - the other one

·  12.mp3one in the left channel and the other one in the right

As a reaction to some reports on mp3 tag related problems I'm including this revelation link.