Audiotechnica 4047 x AKG C4000B (card.)

microphone comparison


Test description

Instruments involved:

  • Spanish guitar (nylon strings)
  • western guitar (steel strings)
  • vocals

    Picking up guitars:

    The two mics were positioned side by side about 20 inches off the guitar body aiming at it from slightly lower level. Both in their rubber suspensions, the grilles as close as they could get without touching one another, parallel. Hi-pass filters on both mics were on.

    Picking up vocals:

    10 inches off the singer's mouth pointing at it a bit from above. Filters off. No pop-screens used.

    Recorded into Terratec EWS88MT through my self-made preamp employing INA163 circuits from Texas Instruments. I used Sonar and 24/96 resolution. The final record has been lightly compressed. Needless to say, no EQing's been done. Finally I downsampled it to 16/48 and made the mp3s using the codec of SoundForge6. Any variations (uncompressed tracks, original resolution tracks, separate tracks) are available on request.

    All tracks were laid down by my friend Petr who I've been sharing my musical growth with for years. He can be reached at Even though the bits are OK, it was non of our intention to create a valuable piece of recording.

    I named the mp3s just 1 and 2 in order to let you perform blind testing. You'll find what mic the respective file belongs to in the "comment" section of the file description table in that mp3.

    This whole thing is meant to be of interest to my friends contributing to the Sweetwater forums. To let me know your views, please, go to the microphone section at\forum

    Thank you for stopping by, Hynek


  • 1.mp3 - one of the mics
  • 2.mp3 - the other one
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