The following tests have been carried out so far:



AT 4047 vs AKG C4000Bcard        -           Acoustic guitars and vocals


AT 4047 vs AKG C4000Bcard no2   -           Electric guitar combo micing


AKG C480B/ULS+ck61, AT 4047, AKG C4000Bcard, AKG C535EB   -            Drum over head microphones


AKG C480 vs Rode NT5     -           Voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar


AKG C535EB vs Neumann KMS105         -           Acoustic guitar, vocal


AKG C4000B vs AKG C414EB      -           Acoustic guitar, electric guitar


New 414s (XLS & XLII + C414EB, C4000B)        -           Electric guitar, acoustic guitar…


SM57 vs e906           -           Acoustic guitar



Take a look at the latest GUITAR I’ve built J




Download a sample of Randy Wright’s latest recording here (courtesy of Article 13) (10 MB)

 U - engineered by Randy Wright



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